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Arising Technology Systems Pty Limited is an SME that is interested in technology, specialing in Enterprise and System development

Arising entertains prime contracts with the government and private sectors.

Our personnel have a wide range of experience spanning the complete Software Development Life Cycle, including the development of specialist communication systems, embedded systems, enterprise and web-based systems.

Arising is interested in new software development methodologies such as goal-based requirements analysis, Agile and Model Driven development. Our personnel are very familiar with UML and related technologies and we are actively involved in the development of new processes.

1997 - 1998 Air Data Pty Limited (prime contractor)

Arising's first contract was with a deployment of 2 and then later 3 staff at Air Data Pty Limited to develop a Mobitex based Radio network and associated distributed processing systems. Arising supplied an Analyst Architect, Software Developers and a Software Manager. This contract saw the development of base-station hardware and firmware and distributed processing software from the ground up.

1998 - 2000 BHP-IT (sub-contractor)

Arising provided a Senior Forte Developer for the ADCNET ER3 project. This was for the development of a fault-tolerant reasonably high volume message switch, handling traffic on a secure network. Arising personnel designed the Logical and Physical line connections for this application and various other fault-tolerant components that were required to run 24 x 7. In a later contract Arising personnel implemented a HTTP based transport protocol and a new HTTP logical connection that was used to connect directly with distributed client servers rather than passing through a store-and-forward central hub, largely eliminating the old type of physical and logical connections.

You can read more of the history at DFAT

1998 (3 months) ACT Environ (prime contractor)

Arising provided a Java developer to implement various mapping systems software.

Nov 2000 - Dec 2000 (3 days) CSC (Performance consultant)

Arising deployed its principal at CSC Melbourne where he analysed and re-designed some performance bottlenecks in a Forte system that ran the Melbourne Tollway. The Arising analysis improved the performance of this system during the 3 days of deployment to such an extent that the client was able to handover the system for delivery.

Jan 2000 - Nov 2001 Technology Partners Group (prime contractor)

Arising placed itís principal under contract with Technology Partners Group as a Java B2B Enterprise System Architect for the Health System "Thelma", a B2B exchange between Sydney based hospitals and health insurance providers. The principal was also deployed as a Forte mentor, Senior developer on the TPG developed Resimac online loans system.

2003 - 2004 Microsoft (prime contractor PA)

Arising has placed two Personnel Assistants (PAs) in the local Microsoft office.

Nov 2001 - Dec 2003 DFAT (prime contractor)

After the BHP-IT/CSC involvement Arising deployed several contractors to assist with migration of ADCNET from HpUx to Windows NT servers. Arising supplied 2 Senior Forte developers, a Tivoli archive specialist, a Tester, Trainer, and a Project Manager during this period.

This involved the re-development of a few database interfaces and some machine dependant code, such as encryption and sealing of certain messages, and the development of the new HTTP-based message transport protocol. This new interface and protocol eliminated the central store-and-forward system and lead the way for the ultimate replacement of the ADCNET ER3 message switch. ER3 was under change impact due to its interoperation with clients that were upgraded during the development.

2004 - ongoing, ICON (sub-contractor at DFAT)

Some remaining Arising staff were deployed at DFAT via ICON recruitment providing management and testing services,

2004 - 2006, Department of Urban Services (prime)

Arising has signed a contract at the Department of Urban services to repair and re-design some Microsoft Access databases for animal licensing, and a separate contract for maintenance of Web-content.

2003 - 2007, C.S.I.R.O (prime contractor)

Arising deploys a Electronic Engineer at the C.S.I.R.O. this engineer is involved in the design and implementation of grain monitoring equipment for silos.

Nov 2002 - 2007, Centrelink (prime contractor and sub-contractor)

Nov 2007 - ongoing - subscontracting to defence

Arising Technology Systems is a prime contractor for the software development services supplying senior enterprise developers. Arising staff act in the capacity of architect, database and web-designers.

The first involvement was the Workload Manager project, an Enterprise Intra-net application which is used to manage Customer Service staff on a daily basis. During this period the Workload Manager team removed the need for Centrelink's Detailed Business Requirement documents and replaced them with Agile Models using UML.

Arising personnel were involved with the introduction of novel agile development techniques, such as Model driven development, Iterative Object-Oriented analysis and design. This meant that Arising staff introduced processes and modelling using UML, the product Enterprise Architect and that staff mentored others in these methodologies. This was difficult at first because prior to Arising's involvement there was a failed attempt to introduce methodologies that used UML at Centrelink.

Arising has recently been involved with goal-driven analysis and developing new Agile processes to assist software development.


  • Ralph was subcontracted via ICON for the DFAT ADCNET ER3 message switch.
  • Simon, Ted and Hank were subcontracted to DFAT direct and then later via ICON, on ADCNET and related projects.
  • Ralph was subcontracted to Technology Partners Group, as a Java Architect and Forte Developer.
  • Richard and Cameron, were contracted to the Department of Urban Services for Microsoft Access development.
  • Lesley was contracted to Microsoft as a Personal Assistant.
  • Paul is contracted to the CSIRO as an Electronics Research Engineer.
  • Leanne was contracted to Microsoft as a Personal Assistant.
  • Ralph was contracted to Centrelink (direct) for Enterprise Web Development.
  • Allan was subcontracted to Centrelink (indirect) for Enterprise Web Development.
  • Allan was subcontracted to the Department of Urban Services for content management.

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