My To Do list

I receive quite a lot of emails, some of these contain interesting propositions or requests related to electromagnetic (em) simulation, and in the cases where I can see a mini-project that I can write up for, or the idea excites me, I add the item to my to do list. I will inform you of this.I also assign a priority to the item and this priority depends upon my work-load, the amount of work involved and my interest.


I will update my to do list on an adhoc basis which may help those of you who want to know how the items are progressing. Of course I reserve the unconditional right to add, remove or update items on this list. In some cases I may not follow up or draw the item to completion. I also reserve the right to hand the item over to a third party in cases where I cannot do the work for what reason so ever or where I am not interested.


The list is sorted by priority and request date, and each item is assigned a unique identifying number for its life which you can/should use in any correspondence with me. Please mailto if you have matters concerning this list. The highest priority items do not necessarily get worked on before the lower priority items, but this is usually the case. The item may also contain a hyperlink when warranted or when further information is available.


If you do not want any of your details or any information to be contained in my to do list you must say so at the time of writing. In these cases I may decide not to establish an item, nor track it, nor perform any work whatsoever.


No warranty express or implied

There is no warranty express or implied in these items, nor in their progression, nor in their completion, nor in any results contained in any correspondence, works or productions relating to these items. The author cannot be held responsible for any damage arising from, nor the veracity of, nor the integrity of, any work or works resulting from any investigations, or application of any works, or findings associated with these items; this includes but is not limited to: statements, correspondence, software and suggestions. The user is warned that they alone must check and judge the suitability of any such works and that they assume any liability before using them for any means whatsoever.Your use is taken as acceptance of these terms, neither the author nor Arising Technology System Pty Limited shall be held liable for any damage arising from the application of these works.


Rights of ownership.

With this in mind, the author, Ralph B. Holland and the company Arising Technology Systems Pty Limited, holds the copyright © on these works and reserves their rights of ownership. Prior permission must be sought from the author ( ) before including any such works in a commercial pursuit.


From time to time results or works may be published in and/or on my website or under and the copyright may be vested in other parties; it will either be obvious or you will be informed in cases where a vested interest is involved.


Academic use

In cases of use where such works are to form the foundation of academic pursuit, or are desired for citation in an academic publication, or a technical journal, conditional permission is hereby granted provided the source is acknowledge in said citation and provided the copyright is not vested in other parties. This will allow editors of journals the ease of technical use of such works.


In cases where copyright is vested in other parties all parties should be approached for their permission.


I would also appreciate feedback if you do choose to cite any works, and an electronic copy of any articles citing any such works would also be appreciated.


Private Use

You may use the works arising from these items for your own personal use provided you accept liability for their use and provided you obtain no compensation. You are warned that you must judge their suitability for that use, neither the author nor Arising Technology Systems shall be held liable for any damages or claims in the application or findings of these works.


I would also appreciate feedback if you do find a use for any item or works or any corrections and I welcome related findings.


Reserved Rights, Publication and Sale

The author reserves the right not to publish some works resulting from the investigation of items or works arising from them. In these cases the rights of use will obviously not apply. At some later stage these works may be available for sale and under different terms. This would be particularly so if the investigations are related to the authorís long term interest and/or research surrounding or involving the commercialisation of some products or ideas.


The to do list


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