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Ralph Holland, the principal of Arising Technology Systems has updated his flagship Innovative Realtime Geographic Information Suite which is available under licence, or for sale - enquiries via website

The Company

Arising Technology Systems Pty Limited is an Australian company supporting Australian Business. Arising provides Information Technology Services and we entertain direct contracts with government departments and private industry.

From time to time we take on employees as required and we subcontract out to enhance our skill-set. We presently have personnel with a combined experience of more than 35 years in the software development industry. We also have access to several subcontractors raising our combined IT experience to more than 50 years.

Our people have experience with Radio Networks, Embedded Systems (VxWorks), Microsoft Windows, Microsoft NT, Microsoft XP, Windows 7, Windows Mobile. Unix (HP/Sun), Linux and databases such as Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Ingres, Oracle and MySQL, Geographical Information Systems, as well as Internet development and Content management, and several object-oriented programming languages - including Java and C++.


We are pleased to be able to provide the following services, products or expertise:

  • IR-GIS an Innovative Realtime Geographic Information System - providing realtime layers on the udig code-base.
  • Software Lifecycle and Methodologies consultancy.
  • Unified Modelling Language (UML).
  • Business Analysis for Software Development projects.
  • Object Oriented Design consultancy.
  • JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, XSLT, XML and Perl.
  • C/C++ and Java software development/consultancy.
  • Java and J2EE web development.
  • Embedded system development using VxWorks and Linux.
  • Forte software development/consultancy (discontinued).
  • Forte performance analysis/consultancy (discontinued).
  • Software Testing consultation services.
  • Radio expertise, such as antenna simulation.
  • FORTRAN IV and FORTRAN 77 to C++ translation (discontinued).
  • Books and Papers published by Arising Technology Systems Pty Limited.

  • Coding Standards - Includes C++, C and Pascal - updated for Java and Forte.
  • Developed a Forte Tool programming guide, including useful design patterns.
  • XSLT and XML training notes
  • Introspective cross-platform object factories using XML
  • Reference sites

    Arising and personnel have been involved in large and small enterprise development. Examples are provided in the next section clients and personnel.

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    ABN 32 079 817 342,
    8 Hardy Pl, Kambah ACT 2902.
    Phone 0417 312869
    Fax 02 6231 2768

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